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About 25/8 Real Estate and Management

Haley & Rachel Stearns

Stearns Realtor Team works together to bring the best possible outcome on each and every real estate transaction, whether it be, buying, selling or property management. Every transaction is unique and requires complete attention to detail. This is where the experience comes from working with a team.

Rachel Stearns has had her real estate license for 15 years. Completing close to a thousand transactions. She has not only represented clients in the Gila valley, but numerous investors in Phoenix, Tucson and throughout the state. Her vast knowledge in property management comes from owning and managing her own rental properties for over 20 years. Her ability to secure the best outcome to every client is essential during negotiations.

Haley's love for Real Estate started when she was only 5 years old, tagging along with dad while monitoring projects. Her love and tenacious drive showed up right out of the gates. Just a few months after her 18th birthday she received her degree in business and acquired her Real Estate license. Three short years later she received her broker's license. 25/8 Real Estate and Management came two years later. Haley's work ethic will not be matched, thus the name. Her promise is every client receives 25/8 attention.

The excitement and joy that comes to our clients when their transaction closes helps us strive and succeed to be the team that can help them achieve their dreams of purchasing a new home or accomplish their goal of selling their current home. Our area of expertise varies from buyers and sellers, investors, property management, commercial sales and listings. The benefit of a team gives you two agents for the price of one. Thank you for considering us on your next sale, purchase or property manager!